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Step-By-Step Software Use

Systems / Hardware Requirements:

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, XP Home, XP Pro
PC: Personal or multimedia system 800mhz or better. Should work on most systems pre-loaded with XP. Slowest known working system: Pentium 3 / 450mhz.
Firewire Port / Connection (IEEE 1394)
Movie Maker 2 (Pre-installed with most versions of XP - Free download / upgrade HERE)
DirectX 9 - Free download from Microsoft - click HERE
Digital Video Camera with Firewire (IEEE 1394) connection.
Internet Connection - broadband highly recommended.
This software is NOT compatible with MAC systems.

1) Login To System

When you first start the software, you'll be greeted with a login screen. Please enter your username and password.

  Enter your username and password. You must have an account set up on Its Active for this software to function.

2) Follow Encoder Instructions 1-2-3, then SEND!

Once you've successfully logged in, the screen below will appear. You're ready to start web casting from Its Active
  1) Use the browse function to find the video you've captured on your hard drive. Click HERE for detailed instructions.

2) Enter video information. (optional) The description may be used for keyword searching.

3) Choose your video destination. In most cases, only one destination will be available: ItsActive 320x240 Video.

Click SEND VIDEO when the button becomes active.
  Watch the Video Transfer Info / Status window. It will tell you what's happening with your video. First, your video will be encoded into streaming media, then it will be transferred to our servers so you can use it anywhere on the web.

When your video is done, you'll be told to go to Its Active to "activate" your video. Log into your account on Its Active and you should see a link for your new video. You can close this screen and the encoder at this point.

3) Notable Notes

Choosing Video - When you first choose the video file to send, it will begin to play in the Video Preview window. You can pause it or stop it at any time. This will not effect your ability to upload the video. If your video does not play (or you get an error message) you have not chosen a video file that this system recognizes. The system will take AVI, DV-AVI, MPG and WMV files only. Your video will appear larger than in the preview screen. Please make sure you use our capture instructions shown HERE.

Encoding & Uploading - This may take some time depending upon three things: the size of your original video file, the speed of your computer and the speed of your internet connection. On slower machines it can take 5-10 seconds to encode each second of video. On Pentium 4 / 2.4ghz and above machines the encoding will happen in real time or quicker. The file transfer portion will depend on the speed of your internet connection - DSL or Cable Modems will speed up this process greatly. While all the applications here will work on dial-up systems, broadband is highly recommended.


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