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Requirements / Support
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Requirements / Support

Systems / Hardware Requirements:

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, XP Home, XP Pro
PC: Personal or multimedia system 800mhz or better. Should work on most systems pre-loaded with XP. Slowest known working system: Pentium 3 / 450mhz.
Firewire Port / Connection (IEEE 1394)
Movie Maker 2 (Pre-installed with most versions of XP - Free download / upgrade HERE)
DirectX 9 - Free download from Microsoft - click HERE
Digital Video Camera with Firewire (IEEE 1394) connection.
Internet Connection - broadband highly recommended.
This software is NOT compatible with MAC / Apple systems.

You will need to register to use this site and then download the required software provided by The software is FREE and uses all industry standard encoding and transfer protocols - there is nothing strange or system crushing in our software. We record only the personal information necessary to provide this service and we don't give it to anybody. We don't sell your email address to spammers, either.

If you'd like to view detailed instructions about how to use our free software before (or after) you download it, click HERE.

Other than our FREE software, you will need the following programs on your system:

Windows Media Player 9 - This is the award-winning Microsoft Windows Media Player 9 software. Make sure you have the most recent version. If you're using XP, you probably have the most recent version. FREE!

DirectX version 9.0 - This is multimedia software that your operating system uses to handle powerful applications. It comes from the same people who created you operating system (Microsoft) so you know you won't have any issues. FREE!

Movie Maker 2 - This is great, free movie making software that you'll use to capture video from your camera before you sent it to It's from Microsoft, too - but you may already have it on your system. Go to your "start" menu and see if it appears as one of your choices. FREE!

There are also many other video sources and video file types that may work directly with our FREE encoding software. The best way to test a particular video file type is to "browse file" with the encoding software. Generally, if you can view the file - the encoder will encode it. Supported file types are .AVI, .MPG (sometimes renaming .MPEG files to .MPG will work) and .WMV. For best results, your source file should be at least 320x240 and have a frame rate of 30fps.

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