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We strive to be the most cost effective way to present streaming video on the internet. Check our plans:

  • You're allowed 5 free views of every clip you upload to make sure the process has worked correctly. These clips will only play from the website using your password.
  • Once you have reviewed your clip, you may pay by PayPal (all credit cards, bank funds, PayPal funds) to "make it active".
  • Your clip is is viewable by anyone on the internet for the purchased number of views or the time period, whichever comes first. You may renew popular clips by purchasing additional time / views.

Auctions/Classifieds Package
$5 for 500 views and 10 days

This package is perfect for adding video to your auction or classified ad. Imagine how much easier it will be to sell your car, boat or other items on eBay if you can show it off with video.

• Add video to your eBay auction or classified ad
• Video production companies use this to send video proofs to clients
• Any other use where you only need a short period of time

Friends & Family Package
$5 for 100 views and 6 months

Most of you shoot home movies from time to time. Imagine being able to instantly share your holiday or special occasion videos with your friends and family. What a great way to show off the ballet recital or your baby’s first step. Video sharing has never been so easy with ItsActive.

• Home Movies
• Vacations
• Holidays
• Birthdays
• Other special events

Video Blogging Package
$5 for 300 views and 3 months

Did you know according to Business Week magazine that video blogs could have as big an impact as text blogs? Don’t be left out of the next revolution in blogging, sometimes referred to as “vlogging” or “vlogs”. ItsActive makes it easy as cake to attach your video to your blog. Do it every day or every week if you want.

• Rants & Raves
• Breaking news
• Politics
• A day in your life
• Video editorials on newspaper sites
• And any other thing you can think of………

Dating/Personals/Resume Package
$10 for 1000 views and 5 months

Have you ever wondered how to get video on your favorite dating site or wanted to turn your resume into a video? Create your video and post it on the web easily with ItsActive. Seeing is believing, so make your point with video! 1000 views gives you plenty of exposure.

• Dating video
• Video resumes

Talent Audition Package
$20 for 1800 views and 6 months

Your talent is screaming to be seen. This package is priced to give you an inexpensive way to show off to the world. What agent wouldn’t appreciate the ability to see you perform right on your website. Bands……land that next big gig with your best song on video. Shoot it yourself, then use ItsActive to email or post it on your website.

• Auditions of all types
• Talent competitions
• Recruiting of all types

Video Home Tours Package
$25 for 2400 views and 8 months

You’ve seen all the 360 virtual tours for real estate haven’t you? With ItsActive, you can now use real video instead. It’s faster, less expensive and better. Beautiful streaming video shows off a property like nothing else. Shoot and stream it yourself or hire one of the many virtual tour operators and ask them about ItsActive to help sell your home.

• Real estate home tours
• Construction projects

Business Package
$35 for 5000 views and 12 months

This is by far our best value! If your video needs to be up for an entire year, then buy this package. Small businesses and corporate departments of all kinds will appreciate the ease of use and low price point. Most streaming providers will charge 10 times the price you see here to stream your video. And you’ll have to send in a tape and sign a contract etc. etc.

• Corporate and business type projects
• People profiles…agents, owners, CEO’s
• Independent films
• Commercial real estate tours
• Video email campaigns

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