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About is one of a family of streaming media products developed by the folks at Please visit our other sites for more information on your specific online video needs.

Founded in October of 2001 and our flagship service, BroadbandVideo provides streaming media services and tools including customized players, encoding, hosting, and design and management frameworks. Our award-winning Broadcasting System allows you to manage your own video content saving you valuable time and money. Our multiple bandwidth encoding profiles auto-detect your bandwidth and deliver the best possible picture for your connection speed for an easy-to-use hassle-free experience. With hundreds of customers, BroadbandVideo delivers streaming media solutions at a quality and price that’s affordable for any sized business.

BroadbandAdvertising provides groundbreaking new video advertising methods designed to increase ad revenue in exciting new ways. Bundled together with traditional print and online advertising buys, our new video ads are produced by expert staff at BroadbandVideo. Video classifieds/listings are the next step in the evolution of classified and directory advertising. Newspapers, Magazines and Directories can now offer their advertisers broadcast-like streaming commercials complete with video, music and voiceovers customized with their messaging at a fraction of the cost of traditional broadcasting.

Launch your own pay-per-view streaming video website based on BroadbandVideo’s DataFlix. If you have valuable content and are looking for a new way to generate revenue, let BroadbandVideo tailor the DataFlix service so you can begin charging people to watch your content. We’ll provide a complete end to end solution that allows you to manage your own store, including creating each product, setting the price, collecting the money and then reporting on who is buying what. We handle all the back-end hosting, processing, maintenance, etc. so you can concentrate on your business.

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