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How It Works is a service that will allow you to upload high-quality video to be viewed anywhere on the web at any time. You may use this video for any purpose you wish.

1) SHOOT VIDEO that you would like to share using a digital camcorder.
2) CAPTURE VIDEO from your camera to your computer.
3) DOWNLOAD & install the encoder (registered users).
4) PLACE LINKS on your website or other popular, public sites.

The secret is out - great streaming video is fast, simple and inexpensive on - let's take these steps one by one in a bit of detail and you'll see that you can be video webcasting in no time at all.

Shoot Video

Take some time and decide what you'd like to shoot. Make sure your video is well-lit and clearly visible. Talk in the background of your video and describe the to the viewer what they're seeing. If your video is a personal presentation, practice your "lines" and make sure you're looking good. Keep all your video short and to the point - get your message across without boring the viewer.

Capture Video

Thanks to Firewire and Microsoft Windows XP - getting video from your camera to your computer is very easy. Plug your camcorder into your computer using a Firewire connection - your system will ask you what you'd like to do. Click on "Capture Video Using Windows Movie Maker", follow the easy steps to create a file (for Quality, choose "Best quality for playback on my computer - Recommended") and save your file using a name you'll remember ("sellmyharley" -for example) to a place on your computer you'll remember. You can watch your video using the Windows Media Player to make sure you got the right video.
Detailed Instructions Here.

Download The Encoder

It's FREE and it will handle all the chores of encoding your video for streaming. Follow the simple step by step instructions and your video will be available to the entire world in no time at all!
Detailed Instructions Here.

Place Links

There are two ways you can use your video clips stored on

1) Have create and host a regular web page that you can email anywhere. When you send a link to this page, the receiver can view your video.

2) Have generate HTML code that you can use to "cut and paste" into many popular public websites (auctions, personals, auditions, etc.)

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