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"Your Account" Manages Your Video Clips

Your account will show you which videos you’ve uploaded and how many times each has been watched. Once you’ve previewed the video (you get 5 viewings for FREE!) and are happy with it, you can choose to purchase it using PayPal. The "Create Link" link allows you to create a page you can email and provides the HTML you can use to post the video on any website.

Your Account Information will include:

Clip Name - You can click on this link to review your clip.

Date Viewing Starts / Ends - Use to monitor your clip dates.

View Used / Allowed - You'll always know how many people have watched your clips and how many views you have remaining in the package you purchased.

Package - Know at a glance which package you've purchased for each of your clips.

Status - Approved (for certain applications) and Paid (for certain applications) allow you to review the status of your clips in the system.

Action - Allows you to create a direct link to a web page that you can email or use for "cut and paste" to include your clip in other websites. Video Details gives you a variety of detailed information on your clip for maximum control.

It'sActive gives you the ability to professionally manage a large number of video clips across a variety of hosting packages. You can insert your video into other sites or simply email to family and friends.


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