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It’ video links can be placed on almost any page on the Internet. While there are many potential uses for the It’sActive service, below you’ll find a few ideas showing different ways the service is being used now.


Use It’sActive on any auction or classified site that will allow you to add HTML or a URL in your listing. If you have a product you are trying to sell, why not use video to help it sell faster and for more money. The example below shows how you can use video to sell a vehicle. The combination of video and sound present the vehicle far better than any still photograph – plus you get to hear it run.

Real Estate Tours

It’sActive is perfect for showing off residential or commercial real estate. Until now, you had to rely on those clumsy 360 degree tours to showcase a home. Now you can provide video which gives potential buyers a much better feel for the house and since you’ll have audio, you can tell them all about it too.

Friends & Family

How many times have you shot video of your friends and family but then wished you had a way to show it to everyone. It’sActive makes it easy to share. Either create a page you can email to anyone you want or post it on your own website.

Any Website

Post video using It’sActive to any website that allows you to add HTML or an HTTP address. Here are some other ideas we had on how you can use the service:
• Video yourself for use on a dating site!
• How about a showcase of your band to land that next big gig?
• Audition sites for acting or college recruiting.
• Production companies can use it for rough cuts saving time and money.
• Bloggers can now add a video blog to complement their text  VIEW DEMO
• Newspapers can add video editorials each day
• Add a marketing message, product demonstration or a message from your CEO to your site.
• Create whole new sites around the It’sActive service LEARN MORE


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